The Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies (AIHPS) is a national institute devoted to studying the ways in which health policy can improve the health of all Australians. This Institute also aims to improve Australia’s capacity for health policy research and to contribute to improved interaction between the relevant government, non-government and health industry partners.

AIHPS is not based in a single institution, but rather, it harnesses the research capacity, policy and other expertise coming from a number of universities and other organisations from right around Australia, as well as many other health and non-health industry organisations from the government, non-government and private sectors.

Citizen Engagement Research
National Citizen Engagement Forum discussion paper and summary of outcomes now available
AIHPS Consumer Engagement Project documents also available for download. The final project report is now available for download.

Community Forum events
Community Forum event – Parramatta, NSW – 12th & 13th August 2009
Being healthy. staying well. What can you do?
Event flyer
Event outcomes

AHHA & AIHPS Congress 2009
All congress outcomes now available
**Want to be involved in HealthCon 2010 – exploring multiple dimensions of healthcare (22-24 September 2010, Adelaide) visit the website now**

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